Coronanomics in Latvia

Latvian Economists association and Morten Hansen research: Coronanomics in Latvia: Impact, policy response and the return to growth

This article is the result of an idea by Ojārs Kehris President of the Latvian Economists Association and Ivars Ījabs Member of the European Parliament from Latvia representing political alliance Development/For! and European Parliament group Renew Europe.

“This is an unfinished piece of work. Unfinished because, at the time of writing, May 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging in terms of infections, vaccinations and economic and social impact.
The aim is to describe and analyze how the pandemic affected in particular Latvia, how the country fared during the crisis, how it responded and how it is emerging from this special crisis.
It is also an unfinished piece or work in terms of only having scratched the surface of many issues and having left out even more. The pandemic may have affected our economies for about 15 months by the time of writing but the impact hereof and the responses, nationally and internationally, have been vast and will require research for many years to come.”
Morten Hansen

The presentation and discussion Coronanomics in Latvia can be seen:

Author: Morten Hansen Head of Economics Department at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Vice-Chairman at the Fiscal Discipline Council of Latvia
The research and event was supported and organized by Ivars Ījabs and Renew Europe group.